Reporting & Data Access

Portfolio Management Reports

Even with open access to massive amounts of portfolio data, many EPIC lenders do not have the internal resources required to mine the data in meaningful ways, or to design and create the kinds of sophisticated reports they need at their fingertips. Because of this reality, EPIC created a suite of advanced Portfolio Management Reports (PMRs), which provide sophisticated insight into the health and profitability of your portfolio.

Data Access In REAL Time (DART)

Real-time access to portfolio data is almost a necessity in the consumer lending business. For the most technically savvy lender, DART is an invaluable tool, designed to give you immediate access to your data in a reliable, secure environment.

DART provides detailed information in the areas of customer data, loan information, banking and payment information, loan and underwriting history. You can obtain meaningful insights into the health of your portfolio and the effectiveness of your operational and business strategies, allowing you to quickly and confidently make adjustments that can improve your performance, identify crucial opportunities for growth, and maximize your efficiency.

DART includes a variety of prepackaged stored procedures or functions that simplify extracting data out of DART. Using these widgets, you can leverage the real-time nature of DART to extract data quickly without having to write the underlying SQL.

Data Extracts

EPIC provides lenders with a weekly extract of your raw portfolio data, which you can use to design, create and analyze custom reports. This free, weekly data extract is a comprehensive snapshot of your portfolio as of the day prior. Delivery is made each Sunday to your FTP folder. Daily delivery of a newly compiled extract can be arranged as well.

Internal System Reports

Inside the Reporting Module of the EPIC LMS you will find over fifty standard reports, accessible on-demand, for any user with the system permissions to access them. With our Standard Reports, the user has the ability to select which category of report they wish to run (Accounting, Operations, Collections or ACH), then select the specific report they wish to run from a list of reports provided within each category. The lender then defines the criteria for the report (each report presents a variety of search criteria, based on the purpose of the report). Results are quickly presented to the Lender, allowing for instant review and analysis.

Custom Reports

In this industry, understanding your data is the equivalent of understanding your business. The best, most profitable decisions are made after compiling, reviewing and analyzing data. EPIC is all about putting relevant data into your hands – empowering you to make the critical decisions necessary for your business to grow, mature and succeed.

If you can conceive of a report that does not already exist in EPIC’s vast library of standard internal reports, one that cannot be compiled through our Report Builder, one that you do not have the skill set to build yourself by pulling data from your portfolio data extract – then EPIC will build it for you.

Custom Reports can be requested for one-time delivery or can be scheduled to recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and are delivered to your secure FTP Folder.