EPIC Partners

EPIC proudly partners with many of the top providers in our industry. We have established relationships with leaders whom we’ve entrusted as resources for our clients. Our partners deliver top quality services and support that meet EPIC’s demanding standards.

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Lead providers

About the company: LeadsMarket® has been the number one lead generator for subprime consumer loans for over 10 years. The pay-per-lead approach is cost-effective and provides excellent results, such as increasing ROI and boosting revenue.

In a competitive lending industry, quality is the name of the game. To help our partners succeed, we use exclusive sources for unique traffic (such as radio and other high-performing paid ads), and provide support with dedicated account managers. Our service is grounded on proprietary and flexible digital tools like LeadBrain®, and our lead management system, that integrates with all popular loan management software for fast, easy and convenient lead distribution.

For more info, email Lenderteam@leadsmarket.com.

Website: www.leadsmarket.com

About the company: With over 15 years of experience in the lead generation industry, Zero Parallel has earned the respect of our partners by consistently delivering high-quality leads and calls. We’re actively disrupting the status quo with customized solutions for our Affiliates and Advertisers. It’s our expertise, drive, and commitment to innovation that keeps us ahead of the curve.

Website: www.zeroparallel.com

ACH Providers

About the company: Viking Clients Services started in 1969 and is a privately held recovery, claims management, and payment processing company. Since the day we opened our doors, we have been committed to people and committed to good. We have led the industry in setting the standards for Compliance, Technology and Strategy.

Website: www.vikingservice.com

Integrity Payments Group believes and lives the philosophy that Integrity is Everything!

Payments of the past were a simple commodity.  One account, one way to process cards, checks, and cash. Those days are gone. Today, business models include support for recurring, subscriptions, technology integrations, continuity, campaigns and multiple sales platforms. Additional compliance to banking and card regulations, conversion success rates, access to data, transparency and dispute resolution are some of the critical aspects to manage on a daily basis that work within a payments strategy.  Economics, efficiency, effectiveness, scalability, flexibility and responsiveness are vital considerations.   

Managing Payments is much more than “opening an account”.  Treasury management and a winning payment strategy requires close attention and careful choices.  There are many critical aspects such as fees, reporting, support, alignment with goals and needs, technology and support of business models, most of which are not clearly accessible. Integrity Payments Group is your best choice to provide professional and targeted payment plans, solutions and strategies.    


Website: https://www.integritypaymentsgroup.com/

About the company: Leverage the Usio PayFac Platform to start accepting payments within 30 days. Simply code to our API’s & Usio handles risk, underwriting, processing and reporting. This is the most economical alternative to becoming your own Payfac.

Website: www.usio.com

Debit card processors

LoanPaymentPro (LPP) is a Merchant Services and Payment Processor servicing the Consumer Lending space. LoanPaymentPro was developed by experienced lenders for lenders, utilizing proprietary technology to develop the most compliant and cost-effective debit card, ACH, and our 24/7 Instant Funding platform for ALL types of lenders, including Tribal.

LoanPaymentPro provides a proprietary payment Validation and Verification function which decreases fraud and increases successful payments while reducing borrower defaults.

Website: www.loanpaymentpro.com

About the company: A suite of flexible processing solutions is what businesses demand to maintain proper cash flow in modern times, so that is exactly what our team built.

A network of specialized banking partners with alternative processing experience and powerful in-house technology fuel a program that is built to help brand new or well established companies.

Wesbite: www.flexpayments.com

Trade Organizations

About the company: The Online Lenders Alliance is the premier trade association that is vested in the success of its member companies and their customers in all markets related to online marketing services.

Website: www.oladc.com

About the company: NAFSA is a 501(C) (6) registered trade association in Washington D.C. that represents the interests of Tribal governments and tribally-owned or tribally- serving businesses engaged in the financial services sector. NAFSA advocates for tribal sovereignty, the protection of consumer rights and provide vital services to our members that further economic development opportunities in Indian Countries.

Website: www.ncaied.org

Data providers

About the company: Experian’s Clarity Services specializes in alternative financial services data and solutions. Clarity’s suite of FCRA-regulated reports and scores give lenders visibility into critical subprime consumer information, including the thin-file and no-file consumer segments. Clarity is dedicated to making alternative financial services more accessible, trusted and effective for the clients and consumers it serves.

Wesbite: www.clarityservices.com

About the company: DataX is an industry leading Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulated speciality finance credit report agenct (CRA) and alternative data provider offering premier financial management solutions to businesses through a suite of advanced products.

Website: www.dataxltd.com

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible between businesses and consumers, by ensuring that each consumer is reliably represented in the marketplace.

We do this by having an actionable and robust picture of each person.

We make trust possible, so businesses and consumers can transact with confidence and achieve great things. We call this Information for Good®—it’s our purpose, and what drives us every day

Website: www.transunion.com

Lead decisioning providers

About the company: Founded by a team of experienced technical leaders, Tekambi transforms the way an online lender manages their lead campaigns and underwriting process.

Bridging the gap between technology and design, Tekambi’s underwriting and decisioning tool simplifies the lead management process.

Website: https://www.tekambi.com/

About the company: Decision cloud is a cloud based underwriting and analysis platform for private money lenders. Decision Cloud enables lenders to create and identity their most profitable underwriting models. The SaaS platform enables technical agility, by connecting companies to information to present clearer insights. All while fostering new found efficiencies through simplified workflows. Our customers gain access to over 100 plug-and-pay data integrations and stellar reporting. Ultimately increasing their portfolios return on investment.

Website: www.insight.tm

About the company: LeadSherpa is a lead acquisition platform that combines lead management tools with automated optimization technology to improve lead performance. Easy to use controls simplify campaign management while optimization software restricts underperforming lead sources. Lead spend is systematically allocated to higher performing channels, all in real time. LeadSherpa powers the acquisition of profitable customers.

Website: www.cmvmobile.com/leadsherpa

debt buyers

About the company:

Debt Direct’s fully integrated partnership allows clients to “opt-in” and pursue value in your charged-off­ accounts. Debt Direct employs a fully compliant, professional and trusted team to purchase your unwanted debt and infuse further capital back into your lending model, completing the credit cycle.

Direct Debt purchases debt from many different lending verticals, so they can tailor a purchasing strategy for any lending business. For those who conduct tribal lending, Debt Direct is an expert. Tribal debt selling can be a complicated endeavor; however, Debt Direct has the tribal expertise and know how to lead you to success.

If you would like to know more any of our Partners or would like for us to help you connect to any of them, please feel free to reach out to us and it would be our pleasure to assist you.