Portfolio Management Reports

Even with open access to massive amounts of portfolio data, many EPIC lenders do not have the internal resources required to mine the data in meaningful ways, or to design and create the kinds of sophisticated reports they need at their fingertips. Because of this reality, EPIC created a suite of advanced Portfolio Management Reports (PMRs), which provide sophisticated insight into the health and profitability of your portfolio.

PMRs are delivered on a recurring schedule to your FTP folder. You can then analyze the data in these reports to assist in your business operation, in driving your strategies for EPIC configurations and for making corporate financial decisions.

For many lenders these four reports have become a fundamental tool in their daily operations, providing valuable insight into their business, which they would not otherwise have access to.

Daily Collections Report
  • Daily view of your customers in collections
  • Create Dialer Reports by age of accounts and/or alphabetically by name
  • Over 40 different data variables available to identify, prioritize, assign and market collection accounts.
  • Determine collection rates by various criteria
Short Term Cash Flow Report
  • Using historical success rates, you can better predict cash flow via a variety of fields
  • Create Marketing lists based on unique customer segmentations
Profitability Report
  • Determine which leads are most profitable – regardless of how much you paid for them
  • Analyze the profitability of your store strategies
  • Determine Profitability per lead with or without underwriting costs
  • Segment by various criteria for analysis
Withdrawn/Denied Report
  • Improve your lead strategy by identifying the best lead attributes
  • Increase acceptance rates from your best lead providers
  • Compare withdrawn/denied reasons by Internal vs. External reason

Data driven decisions

See for yourself how EPIC’s unparalleled data offerings will take your porfolio to the next level.