Implementations Training

EPIC’s Implementations training consists of multiple training sessions spread throughout the duration of your Implementation, right up to the point of portfolio launch. These sessions are intensely focused and timed to coincide with the area of focus in your Implementation Project Plan. The training is immersive, putting you and your team into an active (test) LMS system, while you receive instruction from an EPIC Trainer. The sessions focus on the critical features and functionality you and your team must master before you launch. Everything we do during the Implementations process, including this specialized training will prepare you to hit the ground READY, giving you the best possible chance to succeed in this industry.

Rapid Response training

The moment you launch your new portfolio with EPIC, the two-week Rapid Response Support period begins. This is typically the period when most new lenders and their teams are the most anxious and the least confident, as it relates to operating the EPIC system, with its many moving parts. EPIC is extremely sensitive to this fact. To meet this challenge head-on we offer you our Post-Go-Live Rapid Response Program. With this program, you get “urgency” level response times from our Client Services Team AND immediate, targeted training on any operational element or functionality within the LMS that you need assistance with. We schedule a call with you for the end of each day – to rehash that day’s events. On the call, we will determine if there are any gaps in training, internal processes and/or strategies. If any are identified, we immediately tackle them, together…to put you and your team on the fast track to a successful lending portfolio.

Product Webinars

EPIC releases frequent upgrades to our LMS. In each new release, we include many enhancements, new features & functionality, and like all software companies – a variety of bug fixes. Periodically, we also launch brand new products. Because the LMS is constantly evolving and improving – it is important that our lenders stay on top of these changes. To augment the Release Notes, which are distributed to each lender prior to a new release, EPIC hosts weekly Product Webinars. All portfolio owners, managers and operational staff are invited to attend these weekly sessions, which highlight the most important changes / upgrades to the EPIC system.

Customized Training

EPIC’s Customized Training Services are available to all EPIC lenders. Training sessions can be highly targeted and focused, such as training on specific parts of the EPIC system or on specific products. Or they can be broad-scope training sessions designed for groups of staff, such as with new CSRs or Operational staff. In any case, EPIC will customize a training program to meet your needs.

We also offer a variety of training methods for you to choose from:

  1. On-site at EPIC’s home office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We will customize the training agenda based on your needs / desires, providing one or more trainers for at least one day. Your team travels to us.
  2. Our trainer(s) can come to you. Again – we customize the training agenda based your needs / desires. We provide one trainer for at least one day. You can have as many members of your staff involved in the training sessions as you wish.
  3. Remote Training. EPIC can provide hourly, remote training based on the topic(s) you request. We provide one trainer for at least one hour, but not more than three hours per session. Training session(s) take place via GoToMeeting, our chosen Web-Hosted Service. You may have as many members of your staff involved in the remote training sessions as you wish.

We ask that you work with your Account Manager to submit requests for specialized training. Training Fees are based on method, duration and number of trainers involved.

Portfolio Analytics Training

In any industry it is a solid business practice to periodically “self-analyze”. It’s important to quickly recognize what is and isn’t working, especially when new business and operational strategies are implemented. At EPIC we call this self-analysis a “Portfolio Pulse Check”. When a portfolio goes live with EPIC, we proactively participate in this process, offering lenders their first Portfolio Pulse Check within one month of launch. In this first session we review and analyze your loan volume, cost per lead, default rates, collections and many other system pulse points. This analysis is critical to determining if your launch strategy and operational processes are steering your portfolio toward profitability. This first portfolio pulse check is not designed to analyze the the long-term health of your portfolio, but simply to alert you to early red flags, which can usually be easily corrected.

You should periodically replicate the portfolio pulse check on your own, whether you use the same reports, tools and analytics demonstrated by EPIC or some custom procedure you develop on your own. If, at any time you are with EPIC, you feel the need for assistance with a portfolio pulse check, we are always here to help. EPIC Portfolio Pulse Checks can be arranged through your Account Manager.