Portfolio Reporting & Data Access

EPIC offers extensive and detailed Portfolio Reporting and Data Analysis tools. As an EPIC lender, you will have access to all the data required to effectively analyze and manage your portfolio.

EPIC offers numerous Internal System Reports, which can be run on-demand, based on your specific criteria. We also securely deliver weekly or daily data extracts, which offer you a comprehensive view of your most important portfolio data. In addition, we have developed a suite of four Portfolio Management Reports (PMRs), which are highly advanced reports that provide you with sophisticated, detailed and calculated insights into the financial and operational elements of your portfolio.

EPIC also offers a premium, Custom Report Development service, by which we can build custom reports, to meet your written specifications.

Finally, we offer you “DART” (“data access in real time”), a fully managed Microsoft SQL database server instance. With DART, you have unfettered access to your portfolio data, in real time, allowing you to query the database, develop custom reports and analyze virtually any element of your operation.

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