Customer Engagement Services


The moment you choose EPIC Loan Systems for your Loan Management needs, you will have activated the most comprehensive Implementation Program ever offered in the industry.

At EPIC, we believe it is not good enough for you to get live fast. For long-term success, you need to get live READY. Ready to handle your critical day to day operations. Ready to effectively interact with the EPIC application. Ready to carry out your business strategies. Ready to analyze and drive your portfolio to profitability. From education and training, to project planning, portfolio strategy development, application configuration, launch preparation and account management, EPIC prepares you to hit the ground ready in the consumer lending space.

Account Management

Each EPIC lender is assigned an Account Manager (AM). Your AM’s first responsibility is to understand your business goals and to help define strategies to realize them using the EPIC LMS. Your AM keeps you up to date on new EPIC products and services, and provides guidance on which of these may be beneficial for your portfolio.

Additionally, your AM acts as your advocate with all other EPIC Departments and with the EPIC Management Team. Your AM advises you on industry best practices and educates you on the most effective ways to use EPIC to improve your financial results and profitability. The main objective of your AM is to add business value to the relationship, while becoming a trusted resource to you and your team.

Customer Support

At EPIC, Client Service begin with a deep understanding of the industry, as well as each of our lenders and the portfolios they operate. In additional to intense and ongoing training on the EPIC LMS and known operational standards, each Client Services Representative (CSR) receives specialized training and education related to the lending industry and its best practices.

Each CSR is fully trained on EPIC’s system configurations, loan life cycle modules and the end to end loan management process. But equally important – each CSR fully understands the nuances of different portfolio strategies and management. As a result you receive so much more than software support. You have access to uncommon expertise and knowledge. Access to a team that can offer guidance when needed, provide answers, recommend solutions and take immediate actions on your behalf, as directed. You have a team of advocates. With EPIC Client Services, your success is our top priority!


EPIC is dedicated to the Education and Training of our lenders and the teams that support them. In addition to our Annual User Conference and our Quarterly Client Webinars, EPIC’s comprehensive education and training program includes an impressive curriculum that delivers a total learning experience throughout your lifetime with EPIC. A program designed to optimize your user experience, maximize your operational efficiencies and boost your bottom line. Each of our individual training services are described in detail, below.