Portfolio Analytics Training

In any industry it is a solid business practice to periodically “self-analyze”. It’s important to quickly recognize what is and isn’t working, especially when new business and operational strategies are implemented. At EPIC we call this self-analysis a “Portfolio Pulse Check”. When a portfolio goes live with EPIC, we proactively participate in this process, offering lenders their first Portfolio Pulse Check within one month of launch. In this first session we review and analyze your loan volume, cost per lead, default rates, collections and many other system pulse points. This analysis is critical to determining if your launch strategy and operational processes are steering your portfolio toward profitability. This first portfolio pulse check is not designed to analyze the the long-term health of your portfolio, but simply to alert you to early red flags, which can usually be easily corrected.

You should periodically replicate the portfolio pulse check on your own, whether you use the same reports, tools and analytics demonstrated by EPIC or some custom procedure you develop on your own. If, at any time you are with EPIC, you feel the need for assistance with a portfolio pulse check, we are always here to help. EPIC Portfolio Pulse Checks can be arranged through your Account Manager.

Demo Request

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