Rapid Response

Once you’ve made it through the Implementation and are ready to originate your first loans, we prepare you to launch. If you’re like most new lenders, you’re a little nervous and a lot anxious! With EPIC’s Post-Go-Live Rapid Response Program, we ease the pressure for you and your team. For the first two-weeks, post-go-live EPIC’s Implementations and Training Team CONTINUE to support you, meet with you and work out common technical and operational issues in REAL TIME – as they occur. We talk to you after hours every day to rehash the day’s events and determine if there are any gaps in training, internal processes and/or strategies. During this post launch period EPIC treats EVERY issue you encounter as if it were urgent – because we understand that to you it IS urgent! You can count on the EPIC Rapid Response program to effectively support you, your team and your portfolio launch.

Demo Request

If you are interested in an EPIC demo, please call 1 (877) 305-EPIC or complete the Demo Request form to schedule a demonstration.