The moment you choose EPIC Loan Systems for your Loan Management needs, you will have activated the most comprehensive Implementation Program ever offered in the industry. At EPIC, we believe it is not good enough for you to get live fast. For long-term success, you need to get live READY. Ready to handle your critical day to day operations. Ready to effectively interact with the EPIC application. Ready to carry out your business strategies. Ready to analyze and drive your portfolio to profitability. From education and training, to project planning, portfolio strategy development, application configuration, launch preparation and account management, EPIC prepares you to hit the ground ready in the consumer lending space.

Dedicated Implementation Team To ensure that you have a successful launch with EPIC we assign to you a dedicated Implementation Team including an Implementation Manager, a Project… Portfolio Kick Off Once you have aligned with EPIC, one of the first interactions you will have with us is your Portfolio Kick-Off Meeting. During this meeting,… Orientation & Training When your Implementation Meetings begin, you will also start spending quality time with an EPIC Trainer. It is critical in advancing your implementation -… Vendor Referrals EPIC has partnered with and integrated with many of the most widely used ACH Payment Processors, Underwriters and Lead Providers in the industry. While… Recurring Meetings EPIC keeps your Implementation on track with once or twice weekly Webinars, which allow us to train and educate you and your team, get… Industry Best Practices While the Implementations Team is teaching and training you in the most effective use of the EPIC application, we are also listening to you… Online Project Plan Immediately upon completion of your kick-off meeting, you will get access to your Implementations Project Plan. We use an Online tool that allows you… Coordinated Training Throughout the Implementation process you will receive strategic training that coincides with the overall Project Plan. Using this immersive training strategy, you and your… Website Development If you are an Online Lender and have not built your Website yet, EPIC will refer you to one of our preferred Web Development… Configurations Specialist At EPIC, we fully recognize that our application is powerful, robust and in some ways quite complex. We do not hand you the keys… Coordinated Testing Once you have figured out which integrated third party services you want/need and who you will be contracting with, EPIC’s Implementations Team completes the… Dedicated Account Manager EPIC gives you a great opportunity to succeed in this highly competitive industry, by providing you with our EPIC LMS, a professional Implementation Team,… Rapid Response Once you’ve made it through the Implementation and are ready to originate your first loans, we prepare you to launch. If you’re like most… Portfolio Pulse Checks As the finishing touch to our Implementations Program, EPIC completes your very first Portfolio Pulse Check within one month of your launch. We schedule… Client Services At EPIC, Client Service begin with a deep understanding of the industry, as well as each of our lenders and the portfolios they operate.…

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