This issue of IN THE EPIC SPOTLIGHT will focus on some key system enhancements and integrations into EPIC’s loan management software. Our goal is to create an LMS powerful enough to manage the various needs of the industry and products offered while providing the flexibility to allow our customers to taper our software to their specific needs across their enterprise, whether online or brick and mortar. Take a look at some of our most recent enhancements.

Recent EPIC Enhancements

Debit Card Payments Integration. It goes without saying that the more options you provide a borrower to pay, the easier it is to collect. Expanding beyond just ACH or check acceptance, adding the ability to accept debit card payments can allow a borrower to make a payment over the phone while on a collections call.

More Flexible Payment Options. The EPIC system has the ability to schedule and process payments on weekends and holidays. Lenders can offer their customers even more flexibility in their payment options by being able to accept payments during these non-traditional business days.

Loan Flags. These enhancements address some of the challenges resulting from the inability to categorize loans for either external workflow or reporting purposes. These flags will also provide highlights for any actions or activities applied to a loan or customer to better flag to the CSR or agent handling the account. Flags can now be created by administrators to distinguish between a loan flag or a customer flag and whether it is a normal or high priority.

Sub-ID Reporting. Ever wanted to dig a little deeper on lead performance? With some fields being added to the Lead Source reporting, users will now be able to see various lead sources under each lead generator.




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Database Access in Real-Time (DART)

As lenders, you sit on a treasure trove of data about your customers. This data can be utilized to learn more about your customers’ behaviors to make better lending solutions, increase credit limits, identify potential new borrowers that look like your best customers, create new offers and project response rates to marketing efforts. But this should not be done on your live data. Best practices show that the most practical way to harvest this data is to create a replicated database of your transaction activity to run various analytics and from which to create reporting dashboards. This is precisely what this tool does. DART is a fully managed Microsoft SQL Server database with a subset of replicated data from your portfolio. DART can work with third-party applications, open source, and many familiar Microsoft applications, such as WCF Data Services, ODBC, and ADO.NET. There is no database management required on your part – EPIC takes care of all those back-end administration tasks for you. Visit our website learn more about how you can put DART to work to grow your portfolio profitably.



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