In this issue of IN THE EPIC SPOTLIGHT, we are excited to share a number of new system enhancements and integrations into the EPIC Loan System. We take pride in striving to bring you a world-class LMS. EPIC’s goal is to create a solution powerful enough to manage the diverse needs of the entire industry while providing the flexibility to allow our customers to customize the EPIC Loan System to what makes each unique, whether online or brick and mortar. 

Recent EPIC Enhancements

Store Based Credit Access Limit and Original Principal. Many lenders have indicated an interest in knowing a borrower’s potential credit limit on the client dashboard so agents can offer borrowers the maximum for which they may qualify. We’re pleased to release this new enhancement that adds that information to help agents to better match loan amounts to borrowers’ needs. Each new lead that comes into the system goes through the lender’s specific rules for the individual store accepting the application. The system can be set to consider a variety of limits based on percentages of gross or net monthly income or periodic payroll amounts such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly, whichever the lender’s rules specify. This information is now visible in Application Status section of the client dashboard. The store credit limit has also been added to DART, the extracts, and the EPIC APIs.

Payoff Calculator on Pending Application Screen. A new payoff calculator widget has been added to the Pending Application screen to perform quick payoff calculations. This new feature makes it easier for agents to provide borrowers with various payoff amounts based on different points in time in the proposed payment schedule. The payoff amount is calculated based on the active schedule in the pending application. When a specific payoff date is selected, the system automatically calculates the payoff amount and displays it to the right of the selected date field.


For a complete listing of recent enhancements an updates, EPIC customers can visit the knowledge base.


Welcome New Partners

This team of professionals offers a network of specialized banking affiliates with alternative processing experience and a powerful in-house technology to fuel a program that is built to offer debit and credit card processing solutions for online and retail businesses, no matter how big or small. A big factor in choosing this partner lies in the time and effort put into compliance and customer service that keeps the integrity of their programs sound. Welcome Flex Payment Solutions and take a look at how accepting debit card payments can positively impact your business. [Learn More]


Lead generation is a critical part of any successful lender’s marketing plan. LeadSherpa is a Lead Acquisition Platform that integrates software technology and workflow tools used to acquire, manage and optimize lead performance into the EPIC Loan System. The platform provides a unique combination of lead management functionality and optimization technology used to drive lead performance. Lenders can utilize individual components or the full Lead Acquisition Platform to power their lead decisioning, waterfalls, analytics and optimization. You set your desired performance target, tolerance level and FPD threshold and LeadSherpa platform can optimize your lead performance and FPD rates across all lead providers based on your real-time performance data. [Learn More]


LendConnect Webinar

Mark your calendars for Wednesday August 12, 2020 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT.

EPIC will be hosting an informative discussion on:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on our industry
  • How underwriters continue to help lenders navigate these unprecedented times
  • Planning for 4th Quarter in the aftermath

This webinar will be moderated by EPIC’s Director of Sales, Trish Ward, and will feature panelists from Clarity (Experian), DataX (Equifax) and Transunion. More details to come!

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