Real time access to portfolio data has become a necessity for many EPIC lenders. To meet this need, EPIC offers you “DART” (Data Access in Real Time). For the most technically savvy lender, whose business depends on real-time access to portfolio data, DART has become an invaluable tool. DART is designed to give you immediate access to your data in a reliable, secure environment. When you purchase DART you get a fully managed Microsoft SQL database server instance, which frees you from the tasks of database administration, enabling you to focus on advanced analytics.

DART provides detailed information in the areas of customer data, loan information, banking and payment information, loan and underwriting history. Using DART, you can obtain meaningful insights into the health of your portfolio and the effectiveness of your operational and business strategies, allowing you to quickly and confidently make adjustments that can improve your performance, identify crucial opportunities for growth and maximize your efficiency.

DART Widgets

EPIC offers all DART users a variety of pre-packaged stored procedures or functions that simplify extracting data out of DART. Using these widgets, you can leverage the real-time nature of DART to extract data quickly without having to write the underlying SQL.

DART is accessed through an encrypted ODBC connection and provides you with the ability to run ad-hoc SQL queries on your data or integrate with internal systems, such as customer portals to present real-time customer data. DART can also be used with any business intelligence tool supporting an ODBC connection.”

*A Data Access and Report Waiver must be executed before EPIC will compile and deliver any data outside the EPIC LMS.

Demo Request

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