Custom Reports

In this industry, understanding your data is the equivalent of understanding your business. The best, most profitable decisions are made after compiling, reviewing and analyzing data. EPIC is all about putting relevant data into your hands – empowering you to make the critical decisions necessary for your business to grow, mature and succeed.

If you can conceive of a report that does not already exist in EPIC’s vast library of standard internal reports, one that cannot be compiled through our Report Builder, one that you do not have the skill set to build yourself by pulling data from your portfolio data extract – then EPIC will build it for you.

All EPIC lenders have the option of designing a customized report of any level of complexity and hiring EPIC to build it. Working with our Client Services and / or our Product Management Teams – a custom report specifications is written and submitted for estimate. Custom Reports can be requested for one-time delivery or can be scheduled to recur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All Custom Reports are delivered to your secure FTP Folder.

*A Data Access and Report Waiver must be executed before EPIC will compile and deliver any data outside the EPIC LMS.

Demo Request

If you are interested in an EPIC demo, please call 1 (877) 305-EPIC or complete the Demo Request form to schedule a demonstration.