Reporting & Data Access

At EPIC, we realize that working with and making business decisions based on data analysis is good for your portfolio’s bottom line. Companies that capture and analyze data, discover insights, and take action on those insights are better positioned to compete. EPIC provides you access to massive amounts of valuable data in relation to your portfolio activity, such as first payment defaults, underwriting results, lead costs, as well as countless other data points. This ability to view and analyze detailed portfolio data provides you with a significant competitive advantage. At EPIC you have a wide variety of options for gaining access and insight into your portfolio data.

Internal System Reports Inside the Reporting Module of the EPIC LMS you will find over fifty standard reports, accessible on-demand, for any user with the system permissions… Custom Reports In this industry, understanding your data is the equivalent of understanding your business. The best, most profitable decisions are made after compiling, reviewing and… Data Extract As an EPIC lender, you will be provided with a weekly extract of your raw portfolio data, which you can use to design, create… Portfolio Management Reports Even with open access to massive amounts of portfolio data, many EPIC lenders do not have the internal resources required to mine the data… DART Real time access to portfolio data has become a necessity for many EPIC lenders. To meet this need, EPIC offers you "DART" (Data Access…

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