Payment Processing

EPIC’s LMS has the ability to process loan repayments via ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Debit Card.


Direct Payment via ACH enables your customers to pay you electronically using ACH debit transactions. Customers must authorize you to initiate a Direct Payment transaction, which withdraws or pulls the funds from his or her checking or savings account to make a payment on their loan. The authorization process is handled within the EPIC system. Customers can give their authorization at the time they are executing your Consumer Loan Agreement. Authorized debits are made automatically for the amount agreed to and on the date(s) specified in the loan agreement.

Debit Card

The EPIC LMS is integrated with USA ePay, an external payment gateway service provider that processes debit card payments. This service is available to any lender who has an established relationship with a Merchant Account Provider that is compatible with USA ePay, When you use this service you can offer your borrowers the choice of making loan payments via their Debit Cards, rather than having to authorize ACH transactions.

In today’s business environment, Lenders need payment processing flexibility. The flexibility offered by EPIC…

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