Marketing Management

EPIC’s LMS supports consumer communications via our Marketing Rules Module. In this module, you take control of your consumer messaging! You have the ability to enable and customize the marketing rules you wish to use so they meet your specific needs. Each marketing rule is “triggered” by certain events and/or conditions within the EPIC system. When triggered, an email or text message is automatically delivered to all opted-in customers who meet the criteria defined in the rule. Each marketing rule is associated with a specific message, defined by you.

With EPIC you can effectively configure the marketing rules to direct your touches to targeted segments of your customer population, maximizing the impact of your communication and branding efforts. Use your messaging to inform, as well as to guide the recipient to take a desired action. Reinforce to the borrower that they have selected the right lender and invite them to come back to you for their short-term lending needs in the future. EPIC puts you in total control of your customer communications!

Demo Request

If you are interested in an EPIC demo, please call 1 (877) 305-EPIC or complete the Demo Request form to schedule a demonstration.