Loan Lifecycle Modules

EPIC’s end-to-end solution puts you in business, supports your portfolio growth and evolves as your business evolves. Our LMS structure is supported by the critical, inter-connected and inter-dependent loan life cycle modules, described below.

Lead Management When you launch with EPIC, the LMS will be integrated with your consumer lending Website, allowing you to generate organic leads. We will also… Underwriting Effective underwriting is one of the keys to a successful, profitable lending portfolio. With EPIC, you have the ability to design and build a… Loan Management The moment a loan application is received in the EPIC system, the loan management process is activated and you and your team are called… Payment Management The EPIC system manages both credit and debit transactions. You have the option of funding loans via ACH or Wire Transfer. For funded loans,… Marketing The communication center of the EPIC’s LMS is its Marketing Rules Module. In this module, you can customize and enable a variety of marketing… Collections Handling collections can be tricky, especially with all the rules and regulations that govern collection practices. It is important that you know the regulations.… Pending Collections When using EPIC's Installment product you get the benefit of a new loan status, called "Pending Collections". Loans in Pending Collections have a grace…

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