EDGe (External Decisioning Gateway)

With EPIC, you have the ability to create your own internal rules and as well as to configure an underwriting waterfall. For most lenders these internal, system tools provide everything needed to control and manage the lead intake process. However, some tech savvy lenders are looking for an edge – and EPIC offers one! It’s called “EDGe”. With EDGe, you have a powerful and flexible method for integrating external decisioning into the native EPIC underwriting workflow. Using EDGe you can pass data to an outside system, process that data, and return a response back to EPIC for inclusion in the underwriting decision making process for a lead. If you’re a lender looking for this kind of EDGe, you’ve just found it with EPIC!

Demo Request

If you are interested in an EPIC demo, please call 1 (877) 305-EPIC or complete the Demo Request form to schedule a demonstration.