EPIC’s simple interest Installment Loan solution, which complements our Cash Advance and FlexPay loan products, provides a full amortization option for short-term lenders. Installment Loans offer consumers equal payments for the life of the loan. They feature principal repayment increases and interest payment decreases with each successful payment until the principal balance is fully repaid. Installment Loans also allow you to explore multiple payment scenarios with the borrower before determining which one is most appropriate.

EPIC Installment provides all of your critical loan life cycle modules:

Transitioning from Cash Advance to Installment:

EPIC has developed an advanced Loan Transfer capability to support existing lenders who wish to transition from the Cash Advance model to Installment Loans. Loan Transfer allows you to offer borrowers an option to consolidate outstanding loan obligations into a single loan with an even payment schedule. Using this you can easily transition any borrower from a Cash Advance loan to an Installment loan.

Next Generation Customer Management Capability

EPIC’s Installment Loan product provides the capability to build programs that meet independent sales strategies and individual state regulations. It also offers you an advanced pre-collections management capability called “Pending Collections”. Pending Collections enables you to identify borrowers that have missed a payment but are not yet in a negative loan status. This allows you to help get them back on track before their loan is moved to collections. Coupled with our powerful Marketing Module, EPIC’s Installment product provides you with creative ways to assist borrowers and keep your customer relationships healthy.

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