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EPIC is best-in-class loan origination and management software designed specifically for online small dollar lending.

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Innovative tools
for sophisticated lenders

EPIC has years of expertise in the small dollar lending space. We help new and experienced lenders alike, offering powerful loan origination and servicing tools to monitor and analyze your portfolios. Consolidate your strategy without increasing overhead.


EPIC offers a full suite of payment processing methods, as well as integrations with popular payment processing services. Set up easy and reliable configurations for any payment type you might need.


Multiple communication platforms, configurable to suit your communication requirements. Easily implement marketing rules to stay in contact with borrowers. Set up reminders, notifications and follow ups to maximize repayment efforts

Loan Decisioning

Integrations with powerful third party services that allow for better decisions on borrowers. Real time data on banking information, creditworthiness and fraud detection to help maximize decisioning.

Robust Reporting

Deep analytical reporting within standard reports. Real time report builder which allows for ad-hoc in depth reporting. Suite of ancillary tools that provide deeper reporting for more detailed analysis.

Drive Business Decisions
With Key Data & Analytics

Deep Portfolio Analytics

Inform key business decisions with solid data. EPIC provides a variety of powerful methodologies for you to quickly view and analyze your portfolio.

Powerful, Flexible API

To be useful, data must be accessible. Tie your own technology and the third-party tools you use into EPIC with our sophisticated API.

Interactive Dashboards

From basic loan reports to dynamic performance reports, you control what you want to view.

Operational Workflow

The EPIC LMS provides the ability for agents to work through the lifecycle of a loan from lead import all the way to the ending life of a loan

Payment Flexibility

You’re not stuck with the payment processor you chose years ago. Migrate payments easily to another processor.

Best in Class Implementation

From education and training to project planning, portfolio strategy development, application configuration and launch, EPIC prepares you to hit the ground ready.

Integration & Partnerships

Our lasting relationships with many of the key players in the non-prime lending space help you succeed in this highly competitive and evolving industry.

Compliance & Regulation

Partner with an LMS that evolves its application to meet changing requirements. EPIC adheres to industry regulations and best practices as defined by the governing bodies and trade associations.

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